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bkr Little Smooth Tutu – Glass Water Bottle

bkr Little Smooth Tutu – Glass Water Bottle

bkr Little Smooth Tutu – Glass Water Bottle

If you want to know more鈥?Increased water intake is key to a clear, radiant, healthy-looking complexion. bkr is the solution to staying truly hydrated and drinking more water, helping to create the foundation for a gorgeous complexion so skincare and makeup can perform their best. These glass water bottles are the antidote to disposable plastic bottles and the solution to achieving skin that glows. Increased water intake helps:

  • Visibly plump skin and increase elasticity for a younger look
  • Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Make skin more luminous
  • Flush toxins to rid skin of dirt and unclog pores
  • Promote even skin tone and texture
  • Soothe and calm irritated skin
  • Reduce under-eye dark circles and keep eyes clearer
  • Keep lips soft, moisturized, and un-chapped
  • Nourish dry hair and add shine
  • Make nails stronger and healthier
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and veins

Made of pure glass and silicone, bkr won’t alter the taste of your water and doesn’t filter chemicals like plastic. Key features include a small mouth for hassle-free sipping, a soft, colorful silicone sleeve, a dishwasher safe design, and an ergonomic, leak-proof cap. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, food safe, formulated without gluten, and made responsibly.


The original glass water bottle and ultimate solution to disposable plastic bottles. bkr is your daily hydration habit in a clean, clear water bottle that is durable enough to handle anything life throws at you.


Meet your water bottle soulmate. A 16oz/500mL glass water bottle that will change the way you hydrate forever, a bottle that鈥檚 endlessly refillable, beautifully sustainable, and truly loved.


Your 100% dishwasher safe glass bkr gives you the most authentic hydration experience. Our water bottles hold no scents, are inert, and naturally BPA-free so your hydration is never tainted by residues, stains, or leaching.


Sip comfortably on the go without a splash. bkr鈥檚 blissfully smooth, removable silicone sleeve sets down silently and provides everyday durability for little bumps, while offering a soft feel and a no-slip grip. To top it off, our leakproof cap with a carrying loop provides easy leverage to twist, tighten, and carry your Little wherever you go.


bkr is a magical accumulation of little details that together feel like luxury. It鈥檚 like the perfect t-shirt of water bottles. It鈥檚 soft and pretty, it feels right and fits right, you want it in every color, it鈥檚 effortless, you can鈥檛 help but love it, and it becomes an extension of you.