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WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard

WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard

WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard


Experience the thrill of professional-quality dart tournaments in the comfort of your own home with the Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard. This high-quality dartboard is designed to enhance your dart-playing experience and take your skills to the next level.


Staple-Free Bullseye

The Winmau Diamond dartboard features a staple-free bullseye, allowing for higher scores and fewer bounce-outs. With this innovative design, your darts will slide off the wire and still penetrate the board, ensuring accurate scoring every time.

Angled Divider Wire

The dartboard is equipped with angled divider wires that direct your darts for true scores. Say goodbye to frustrating bounce-outs and enjoy a more consistent and enjoyable dart-playing experience.

Self-Healing Sisal Fibers

Constructed from self-healing sisal fibers tightly bound for maximum durability, the Winmau Diamond dartboard is built to withstand countless games and provide long-lasting performance. This ensures that you can enjoy many hours of dart-playing fun without worrying about wear and tear.

Removable Number Ring

The dartboard features a removable number ring, allowing for easy board rotation and extended playing life. This convenient feature ensures that your dartboard stays in top condition for longer, so you can continue to enjoy optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this dartboard suitable for steel-tip darts?

Yes, the Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard is ideal for use with steel-tip darts. Its high-quality construction and diamond-shaped wires ensure that your darts will stick to the board and provide accurate scoring.

2. Is this dartboard endorsed by any dart organizations?

Yes, the Winmau Diamond dartboard is endorsed by the British Darts Organization (BDO). This endorsement is a testament to the dartboard’s quality and performance, making it a trusted choice for professional and amateur dart players alike.

3. What are the dimensions of the dartboard?

The Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard has a diameter of 17.75 inches and a thickness of 1.5 inches. This standard size ensures that it fits perfectly in most dartboard cabinets and provides ample playing area for competitive games.


Elevate your dart-playing experience with the Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard. Its innovative features, such as the staple-free bullseye and angled divider wires, ensure accurate scoring and minimize bounce-outs. With its durable construction and removable number ring, this dartboard is built to last and provide countless hours of dart-playing fun. Trust in the endorsement of the British Darts Organization and bring the excitement of professional dart tournaments into your own home.