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Tecpel DTM-305B Digital Thermometers

Tecpel DTM-305B Digital Thermometers


A thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of the environment or material we are operating on. The Tecpel DTM-305B Digital Thermometer is a digital industrial-grade thermometer designed and manufactured specifically for industries. It provides accurate measurements and is durable, portable, and convenient for precise temperature measurement.


The DTM-305B Digital Thermometer comes with the following features:

  • -50掳C ~ 1,300掳C (-58掳F ~ 2,000掳F) measurement range
  • Probe Connection Detector
  • 3 1/2 Digit LCD display
  • K-type thermocouple
  • Reading Hold 掳C of 掳F annunicators
  • Single thermocouple input
  • Switchable resolution 0.1掳/1.0掳
  • Front panel offset adjustment
  • Automatic low battery indication
  • Maximum record
  • Over-range indication

Measurement Range

The DTM-305B Digital Thermometer has a measurement range of -50掳C to 1,300掳C (-58掳F to 2,000掳F).


The accuracy of the thermometer varies based on the temperature range:

  • -50掳C to 1,000掳C: 卤 (0.3%rdg+1 掳C)
  • 1,000掳C to 1,300掳C: 卤 (0.5%rdg+1 掳C)
  • -58掳F to 2,000掳F: 卤 (0.3%rdg+2 掳F)

Temperature Scale

The temperature scale can be user-selectable between 掳C or 掳F.


The thermometer has a resolution of 1 掳C or 1 掳F (or 0.1 掳C or 0.1 掳F).


The DTM-305B Digital Thermometer weighs 13.8 oz (395g).


In conclusion, the Tecpel DTM-305B Digital Thermometer is the perfect choice for industries that require accurate and precise temperature measurements. With its wide measurement range, durable construction, and convenient features, it fulfills all the needs and expectations of customers. Whether you need to measure temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit, this thermometer provides accurate readings and is easy to use. Invest in the Tecpel DTM-305B Digital Thermometer for all your temperature measurement needs.