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Scalextric C1421M Scalextric Drift 360 Race Set

Scalextric C1421M Scalextric Drift 360 Race Set

Scalextric C1421M Scalextric Drift 360 Race Set

Experience the thrill of drifting with the Scalextric C1421M Scalextric Drift 360 Race Set. This race set is perfect for car enthusiasts and racing fans alike. With its 1:32 scale, it provides a realistic racing experience.


Complete Set

This set has everything you need to get racing. It includes two Ford Mustang GT4 cars, each equipped with working rear lights. These crash-resistant cars are designed to withstand intense races and collisions.

360-Degree Movement

The highlight of this race set is the fully swivelling guide blades on the cars. These guide blades allow for 360-degree movement, adding an exciting drifting element to the races. Experience the thrill of sliding around corners and performing impressive drifts.

Figure of Eight Track

The race set comes with 3.6 meters of track, designed in a figure of eight layout. This track layout provides a challenging and dynamic racing experience. The borders on the track help to enhance the drifting element, allowing you to push the limits of your drifting skills.


1. How do I connect the track?

To ensure proper track connection, make sure the metal pins on the track are touching. This ensures a secure and stable connection between track pieces. Additionally, ensure that the guide blades on the cars are touching the metal on the track for optimal performance.

2. Can I race other cars on this track?

Yes, you can race other 1:32 scale cars on this track. However, it is recommended to use cars with similar performance capabilities to ensure fair and competitive races.

3. Are additional track pieces available?

Yes, additional track pieces are available for purchase separately. You can expand and customize your track layout to create new and exciting racing challenges.


The Scalextric C1421M Scalextric Drift 360 Race Set offers an exhilarating racing experience with its drifting element and realistic cars. Get ready to race, drift, and compete with friends or family. This race set is perfect for both beginners and experienced racers. Start your engines and experience the thrill of Scalextric racing!