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JOBY JB01533-BWW-GorillaPod Mobile Rig (Black/Charcoal)

JOBY JB01533-BWW-GorillaPod Mobile Rig (Black/Charcoal)

JOBY JB01533-BWW-GorillaPod Mobile Rig (Black/Charcoal)

Are you a content creator looking to take your YouTube videos to the next level? Look no further than the JOBY JB01533-BWW-GorillaPod Mobile Rig. This innovative camera rig is designed specifically for smartphones and comes with a range of features that will help you create professional-quality videos.

Key Features

1. Versatile Adjustability

The GorillaPod Mobile Rig allows for easy adjustment of tilt and landscape-to-portrait mode, making it perfect for vlogging. Whether you’re shooting a sit-down interview or capturing action-packed footage, this rig can adapt to your needs.

2. Expandable Setup

With the ability to add up to 3 additional devices, such as microphones, lights, and action cameras, the GorillaPod Mobile Rig offers endless possibilities for customization. This means you can capture high-quality audio, improve lighting conditions, and even incorporate multiple camera angles into your videos.

3. Sturdy and Secure

The GorillaPod arms provide a stable and secure grip on your smartphone, ensuring that it stays in place throughout your recording session. The cold shoe mounts and GoPro mount further enhance the rig’s stability, allowing you to focus on capturing great content without worrying about your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this rig with any smartphone?

A: Yes, the GorillaPod Mobile Rig is designed to be compatible with most smartphones on the market. Its adjustable arms can accommodate various phone sizes.

Q: How easy is it to set up and use?

A: The GorillaPod Mobile Rig is incredibly user-friendly. Simply attach your smartphone to the rig, adjust the arms to secure it in place, and add any additional devices you want to incorporate. It’s that simple!

Q: Can I use this rig for other purposes besides YouTube videos?

A: Absolutely! While the GorillaPod Mobile Rig is perfect for YouTube content creators, its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re live streaming, video conferencing, or simply capturing memories, this rig can elevate your recording experience.


The JOBY JB01533-BWW-GorillaPod Mobile Rig is a game-changer for smartphone videography. With its adjustable features, expandable setup, and sturdy design, it offers everything you need to create professional-quality videos. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting out, this rig will take your videos to new heights. Invest in the GorillaPod Mobile Rig and unlock your creative potential today!